Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dancing on the Ashes

In May, I had the honor and pleasure of not only being a vendor, but also a prophetic artist, for a woman's conference with Dr. Bill and Ellie Hurst, that was organized by Cindy Noonan and others. It was held at the Radisson Hotel in Clark Summit, and they all did a marvelous job, particularly the teaching by Dr. Bill and Ellie on how women are empowered and elevated by Jesus, was very encouraging and inspiring, something all of us there badly needed.

The painting on the right was one of my first of four paintings that I did there, and it's my favorite. The past seven years has truly been a time in the furnace for me. Anything that I held dear or was precious has been reduced to ashes in the fire. I've become a "dead woman walking". I think few see it. On the outside, I seem fine. But inside, I've let go of this world. There's nothing that really holds me here anymore. And with that realization comes a freedom. A freedom in finally accepting myself, and knowing completely that He loves me regardless of whatever variables are otherwise in my life! In a time when nothing is certain, not the economy, not relationships, or freedoms, this one thing I know.....

That I will dance on those ashes in this life. And He will dance along side of me. I will defy the powers that be who have tried all my life to crush my spirit, and destroy my soul. They could not prevail, because He has held me in His hand. And that joy coming from that dance, that praise to Him alone who is my King, will crack open the darkness, with His precious blood, creating light again to that which once was so dark. And that is my dream now, my only hope.

And it's all I really need.......

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