Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Friends, New Visions

It wonderful how God directs people into your life. I mean, people who become like that cool, sweet, drink of water, you know? They are the ones that pour into you, and you walk away like you've been basking in a ray of sunshine in a clear, mountain spring!!

In my last post, I talked about Dr. Bill and Ellie Hurst, giving encouragement to women. This post is about being thankful for those friends, old, new, and re-newed, that recently have been such a blessing to me, in more ways than they will ever know. I'm not a loner. I don't feel proud that I've done alot of things by myself. I'm grateful that God has enabled me with His wisdom. "No man(or woman!) is an island unto themselves", the Word says. We aren't created to live life exclusionary of human interaction, good or bad. And it's from others, that God has shown me His profoundest wisdom.

This past weekend I met Bernice Craft, ( ; also ck out her blog: ), who designs absolutely beautiful and stunning, beaded, wrapped, semi-precious, stone necklaces. We were both at Tabernacle of Faith's (Lord's Valley) craft show to raise money for their church building renovation. The weather was beautiful, and signs were everywhere, but few people came by.

That didn't stop myself and the other vendors from making the best of it, and we all bartered back and forth with each other, laughing and joking, and making new friendships! Bernice and I swapped necklaces; I swapped her my pendant above(in a very plain wire wrap!!) for her beautiful golden beaded and wire wrapped Picasso Marble pendant!( Will have to post pic soon!) She fell in love with my "Mountain Serenity" pendant, and asked me if I would be offended if she redid it. I said, heck no! I was actually tickled, as I knew she would do a beautiful job, and the evidence is above!!!

From Bernice, she connected me with ; a site for indie artists for support and networking! Alot of very helpful feedback! Not only that, but she offered to share her space in an upcoming craft show this weekend, and if my car can only get tires and oil change by then, I will be there! (Will keep you all posted!) Bernice, I love your sassy, adventurous spirit, and can't thank you enough for your encouragement, wise words, and help!

Next, is Lauren and Nana, pictured above at the Parker Diner(beautiful place overlooking the river!) in Binghamton, NY. I had a wonderful day before I met up with them, with Joyce Bebe on State Street, who runs a Stained Glass shop. She kindly showed me how to hand cut glass circles without a circle glass cutter!! I am eternally in her debt!! Then I met up with Lauren and Nana, who are like a mom and sister to me. Everyone should have a Lauren and a Nana, who you can run to for love, encouragement, and a good kick in the pants when you need it!

Finally, I would like to celebrate a renewed friendship, with JoAnn Grey, a friend that I lost touch with, but God brought us back together again. She has some pretty profound things to say, and is a fellow artisan in fabric and cloth, making unique and beautiful praise and worship garments! Her company, Love and Company, is on the web. I'm grateful for her passion for her Savior, as well as her gifted discernment. She gave me a beautiful book for these times that I highly recommend to everyone: Heaven Awaits the Bride by Anna Roundtree. Anna had 2 experiences where she was taken up into heaven and shares wonderful insights that the Lord gave her. As this is where I am going to be for eternity, I thirst to know more about it!

I only hope that I'm a blessing to all of them as they are to me....and in other posts, I will tell you of other wonderful women that have graced my life. Why? My point is this, no one can get through this life alone; it's more fun to share it, then to keep it to yourself! My prayer is that some of you will take that step to form circles of love, because it's in giving of yourself, that you find true happiness. True friends, love you at your worst, and reminds you of your best. Kinda reminds me of Christ, you know?


  1. Dear Sue, Your blog site is so beautiful, as is your glass work! I was so blessed by your tribute and testimony to your daughters, too. I so wish that Mom had had the Lord when Joanne was born, to comfort her as he has you. Your God-inspired art is wonderful and enriches the heart as well as the eyes! God Bless your work and spread the Message far and wide through the Internet and your ministry. Love in Christ, Pat.