Friday, April 16, 2010

Yesterday is a memory...tommorrow is a mystery

I have had a little antique plaque for years, probably done in the 1920's, that simply says "Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery; today is THE DAY --LET'S GO!!" I loved it, but to be honest, I haven't lived it.

Until yesterday. For some reason, I finally got the revelation, that meditating, dwelling, remembering the past, will keep me in the past. If I keep those sorrows, regrets, mourning's, ever present, I will be defined by them.

In Christ, I am much more than my past. With Christ, I can live in the now, unburdened, and unchained. Living for today, I am remembering that THIS is the day the Lord has made, a day not made for sorrows past, but a day reflecting on His hope for our future!

I am not my past - Christ has redeemed me from EVERY curse spoken against me, and daily, I am being conformed into His image, not the worldview of me. And I know the more He transforms me into His image, the more I will be hated by some, but I will also be loved by even more.

I will arise, once broken, now transformed, fused together by the fire of His love, not a vessel of dishonor, but of honor; not by any works of mine, no, only He makes me worthy, His love for me that no man, government, demon, can take or shake.

He is My Christ, He is My King only. And when He threw me into that fire He fashioned something more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

In the fire, what satan bound me with, was burned off of me.
In the fire, the coverings of shame, were burned off my body.
In the fire, every accusation, curse, condemnation that satan threw at me, was burned up, destroyed, and made no more.
In the fire, He was there with me, and He was enough.

To all who are going through a season of brokenness, the fire of discouragement, I can testify that He IS with you, and He is enough.....


  1. Awesome, Sue! I love the way your description hints at the firing, molding and shaping of glass and therefore speaks to how he molds us in his image.

  2. Oh thank you Cindy!! The work is teaching me about Him...after all, He is the Master Craftsman. Your words and opinion mean alot to me as a gifted writer herself!! Thank you again so much!