Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every Learning....

This past Sunday, I was apart of a Portraiture class, taught by my dear friend Lauren Floden, at the Cooperative Gallery in Binghamton, NY. It was a wonderful class, which continues next Sunday, and I know will help me improve in drawing faces. In introducing ourselves, I mentioned that I learned fusing from Sasha Zhitneva by offering to help her with work in her studio, in exchange for lessons. Barbara Bernstein, a wonderful glass artist specializing in glass cast sculpture, asked me if I would help her in sanding and finishing an order of sculptures she needs to get out, in lieu of learning how to cast glass!!! Can we say, "heck, yeah!!!??" So hopefully, by the end of August sometime, I will spend a week with Barbara, working hard and learning a new technique which I can't wait to try and put my own spin to! I'm grateful, very grateful, for the opportunity - thank you Barbara, and many thanks to Papa God!!

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